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In the meantime, here are the links to three free guides, chock full of useful info to get you started on your way toward optimum health and fertility:

  • The Fertility Fix Guide to Superior Sperm – Up to 40% of conception problems can be attributed to male factors. The Fertility Fix Guide to Superior Sperm includes diet and supplement recommendation for your partner that have been proven to improve sperm count, motility, and morphology in all men, even those whose sperm has tested as normal.
  • The Fertility Fix Guide to Getting It On – This guide separates fact from fiction when it comes to what you can do in the bedroom to increase your chances of conceiving. It also includes detailed instructions for BBT charting, information on the most fertile days of your cycle, and recommended apps to help you keep track of it all.
  • The Fertility Fix Guide to Shit that Screws with your Hormones – Learn more about all the chemicals that are screwing up your hormones, making it harder for you to get pregnant. This guide also includes resources to find specific products and brands that offer safer alternatives.

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