If you’ve only been using your chart as a way to figure out when you’ve ovulated, you’re missing out on a GOLDMINE of information.

Whether you’re brand new to charting or you’ve been tracking your cycles for years, I can guarantee there are important clues to the state of your hormonal health that have been hiding from you in plain sight.

There’s a reason most natural fertility experts will ask to see your charts at your very first visit…

There’s kind of insane amount of information that we can glean about your hormonal health and fertility, just from taking a quick look at your chart.

When I developed The Fertility Fix program my goal was to teach women how to decipher their own hormonal imbalances and start taking action on their own to improve their fertility. And since so many acupuncturists, naturopaths, and other holistic fertility practitioners use BBT charts to help them diagnose their clients, I assumed there would be a great resource already available to help my clients figure out this piece of the puzzle.

It turns out I was wrong!

After months of searching, I was still coming up empty-handed! So I finally decided to create one myself, written especially for women who are trying to conceive, that will help you uncover all the hormonal health clues hiding in your chart that may be impacting your fertility.

Empowered Charting: How tracking your cycles can help you take control of your hormonal health and improve your fertility.

In this course, I cover:

  • All the basic hormonal processes related to getting pregnant, how each impacts your fertility.
  • The exact way to check your three major fertility signs (including photos) and the RIGHT way to track them on your chart.
  • How to read your chart, and what to look for to spot specific hormonal imbalances (including sample charts).
  • What a normal chart looks like and what variations from that norm mean for your hormones.
  • How each type of hormonal imbalance can impact your fertility and how to start correcting them naturally.
  • The four supplements every women who’s trying to conceive should be taking.
  • The ONE dietary change you can make that will make the biggest impact on your hormonal health.
  • Why you DON’T need to lose weight to get pregnant (regardless of what your doctor has told you).
  • Why it can take three months for improvements in your health to show up on your chart.
  • The best time to have sex to optimize your likelihood of conceiving each month.
  • What variations in each phase of your cycle mean for your hormonal health.
  • Why what your doctor has told you about “normal” menstrual cycles is all wrong if you’re having trouble getting pregnant.
  • Why using progesterone cream isn’t a good solution to treating estrogen dominance… or to low progesterone levels.
  • Why a diagnosis of low ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure doesn’t mean a death sentence for your fertility.
  • The ideal temperatures to see during each phase of your cycle and what temps that are too high or too low can mean for your fertility.
  • How stress impacts your fertility and how it shows up on your chart.
  • How to recognize a luteal phase defect (and the easy-to-fix vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can contribute to this common fertility problem).
  • How to spot a pregnancy using your chart (before it will show up on a pregnancy test).
  • The most common causes of anovulatory cycles and how to address them.
  • How to spot improvements in PCOS on your chart.
  • What a “sawtooth” chart is, what causes it, and the impact it can have on your fertility.
  • What normal cervical fluid should look like (including photos) and the hormonal imbalances that can interfere with its production.
  • Why more exercise isn’t always better for your fertility.
  • Why you shouldn’t be taking folic acid when trying to conceive,.
  • How one of the most popular and widely recommended fertility herbs can actually make hormonal imbalances worse.
  • How breastfeeding can impact your hormones… And your ability to conceive.

Get everything you need to know about decoding your chart to uncover your hormonal imbalances and improve your fertility for just $39!

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